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Learn Animals For Kids

Developer: HooplaKidz

Best educational apps for preschool kids to learn animals. This free preschool games for little kids provide cute funny pictures of animals with cartoon animation and sound effect. There are too many animals around the world for kids to learn. And it is quite very complicated for kindergarten to learn all kind of those animals. As a result, this preschool education for toddler free is the best chioce to be picked up. This game reuses zoo concept to classify the animal clans. The animals games zoo is a preschool education game to jumpstart how to recognize and identify various animals. With the learning and exercise modes which have kids animals jigsaw puzzles to help learn animals very well. This kids educational game free for kindergarten and animals games provides two modes to learn animals, learning and exercise mode. The first mode provides four main animal clans for kids to recognize animals, which are farm animals, pets, wild animals, and sea animals. The farm animals learning games contain bee, hen, sheep, goat, chick, horse, cow. The pets learning games contain cat, dog, rabbit, and mouse. The wild animals (jungle animals) learning games contain lion, giraffe, crocodile, elephant, bat, owl, tiger, monkey, and zebra. The ocean animals (sea animals) learning games contain whale, octopus, turtle, seahorse, fish, dolphin, and shark. In each clan, there is a speaker to repeat how the animals are called. All animals games have a cute pictures of baby animals, jigsaw puzzles animals, and also a preschool learning fun games app with fantasy baby animals, and wording. Another preschool games for little kids animals games mode is animals jigsaw puzzle games which provide a puzzle games free kids in English. This mode will random animals from all clans of the learning mode. Kids has to prove their recognized by completing the jigsaw puzzle games. The jigsaw puzzles free games kids have various difficult levels for kids to solve from 3 to 6 pieces. This kids puzzle games for toddlers will also populate the animals choices game after the puzzle is completed. If kids can both solve the puzzles and choose the correct answer, they will get scoring. Otherwise, kids will lose the trying times. There are 3 trying times left for the kids puzzle games for toddlers. This kids preschool puzzle free games can be cleared when kids can get 100 points. And the games will end if there is no trying times left. At the end of the games, there is a summary score and grade to kids to help improving to learn these cute animals. This best free games for kids preschool is suitable for every kids ages, such as a kids educational games free for 2 years old, 3 years old, 4 years old, 5 years old, 6 year old, and 7 year olds. This baby learning games free for a 1 year old animals and words can be run with wifi or internet and without wifi or internet. Lastly, the puzzle for toddlers free is animals games for kids free which can help kids education and easy to learn. Let's play this animals for toddlers and kids with jigsaw puzzles games!